Our Mission is to reduce plastic waste.
There are many disposable plastic products out there that need a well-thought redesign and just as many opportunities for new sustainable business models. To start with, we will challenge the waste creation of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets. Our first project will focus on designing a circular business model to reduce plastic bags.



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We see

Every year 100 billion plastic bags are being sold in Europe only. Plastic as a material is not the problem, it’s actually the less environmentally harming material today. But we have to change the way we use plastic.

92% of all plastic bags are single used and many of them end up in nature. This is a problem we need to tackle.



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We do

The solution we offer is a circular deposit system. To bring alive such system we rethink plastic as a material and the daily usage of it. Plastic is a good material, let’s celebrate it!

We will recycle plastic waste from the ocean to design new plastic shopping nets. Other than conventional plastic bags, our nets are reusable and washable.

By introducing the nets to the supermarkets and combining them with the incentives of a deposit system, we are able to create a circular model: Nets will be resold, reused and rewashed in continuous circles. As a result customers’ behavior can shift from a single to a multiple usage of plastic.


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We are

A team of five innovation students living, learning and working in Copenhagen with the visionary believe to change the world for good.

Jeppe                    Lena                Michael                Nico                 Niklas


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